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long island BASED PHOTOGRAPHER for Adventure seeking soulmates...

 Heyy! Marisa Here, A Golden Light + Pure Connection chasing Photographer that also loves binge watching Netflix and Dominos Pizza nights! I whole heartedly believe that you DO NOT need a fancy occasion to capture your life. Your legacy deserves to be remembered for generations to come! I also believe that time traveling is real and I definitely have a husband who is an 18th Century Scottish Highlander. (Where are my Outlander fans at?!)  

I can't wait to meet you!

i'm marisa!

How many times have you gone on a date and only had a few selfies, (if any photos at all) to remember it by?! Explaining to someone "Oh we went here and did this cool thing! Look at our selfie!" but the photo does not do it justice! What if you had professional, authentic, candid images of you and your honey having a blast without a care in the world except each other. I get it, this is not a mainstream idea (YET 😉), but every time I have hired a photographer to come along for the ride - I NEVER regret it. 
I am here for you! Let's go (insert fruit of the season) picking, to the Aquarium, On a Sunset boat ride, A picnic on the Beach, or stay home and make homemade pizza or cookies and watch Netflix! I have countless ideas to help you just spend actual time together and never forget how fun it was! 

Fun Facts:

1. Outlander is my fave tv series! 

2. At 4 years old I wanted to be an OBGYN!

3. I love taking strolls down bullseyes playground at Target!

4. I have a TEFL/TESOL certification

5. I am currently binging Grey's Anatomy so I will be ready for the new season! 

6. My honey and I's favorite thing to do together is sit around the firepit in our back yard!

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An amazing photographer, a beautiful person, capturing the most special moments! Marisa photographed my wedding and not only made me feel beautiful, but also made my husband comfortable in front of a camera! She's truly amazing and I will continue showing my appreciation for her, ALWAYS!!

love notes:

happy bride

You would have never known that my husband and I were in a very heated argument before coming to our session. After the time that we had together having so much FUN, we went out to dinner and had a lovely night. Forgetting all about the silly reason we were arguing! Thank You Marisa! 

love notes:

happy client

I can NOT thank you enough for all your hard work! My daughter has not stopped talking about your pictures and how you made her & her Husband feel like a King & Queen on their special day. THANK YOU!!

love notes:

happy client