Oh, heyy!

 So who the heck is the chick behind the lens? Well, my friends and family know me as Marisa: The creative dreamer who isn't afraid to go BIG or go HOME! Since the age of 13, I have been obsessed with leaving little footprints of memories for the generations after me to find. I love all the little details, the messy, the real, the raw and authentic, the imperfect. I embrace change and seek the new and exciting. I refer to myself as an "intuitive photographer"; I SEE the photo in my mind before it happens, and it ALWAYS comes out! Once I get the vision in my head, I have to do it. Of course I want to capture your proposal, engagement, elopement, and everything thats to come, but I THRIVE off of the in between. The adventures. The date nights, the firsts homes, the cozy snuggles where time just stops. A simple moment, to ME, is extraordinary. 

oh hey it's me and bae! 

I can always go for a good cup of creamer with my coffee  

xo, Marisa

My Bucket List:

No. 1
Take Bae to Trinidad where my Father grew up

My Bucket List:

No. 2
Get married in Montauk

My Bucket List:

No. 3
Take photos for my favorite tv series or a movie!